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Video Brings the Internet to Life...

...and enhances your web presence and social media feeds. Video's increasing popularity means that it now accounts for about three-quarters of all internet traffic and that figure is only set to rise. (Ref: Cisco).


Topcam Film Services utilises ingenuity and cutting edge camera stabiliser technology to film promotional videos, sporting events, theatre and awards ceremonies, weddings, comedy, drama and action.

Capturing the Extraordinary

 - Capture the character of your band.

- Increase social media audience engagement.


- Promote your business or artistry.

- Drive customers to your website.

 - Videos for Property Sales.

- Increase the number of inquiries made regarding your property for sale.

 - Capture the magic of your special day.

- Share your day in the spotlight.

- Pioneering inline skate cameraman.

- Capture unique, dynamic shots.