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Topcam Film Services utilises ingenuity and cutting edge camera stabiliser technology to film weddings, sporting events, promotional videos, theatre and awards ceremonies, comedy, drama and action.

Capturing the Extraordinary

Demonstration video for VirtualVisit.co.uk 

Video for King & Queen Brighton - Halloween Party 2017.

Promotional video for upcoming basketball documentary film - One Game, One Love.  Filmed in conjunction with Poetry Film Productions.

Promotional video for Dylan Costello's play Hello Norma Jean, featuring Vicki Michelle.

Short wedding montage filmed in conjunction with Ikonograph

"I've worked with James from Topcam, hiring him as a cameraman and editor on multiple occasions and I've always found him to be a pleasure to work with. He has a highly professional attitude and always goes the extra mile to get the right shots. I look forward to working on many more projects with him in the future!"

Phil Coupland - Ikonograph

Video for ABV Media and Mixology Group. Mixology group were recently rated 9th on Feedspot "Top 40 Bartender Youtube Channels".

Music video for Bakk Lamp Fall for the song Baboul Houlom.

Comedy sketch filmed for Sian Elisa Hutchinson and Barry Glennon.

"We have worked with James and Nauris on numerous occasions. We find them to be professional, creative and dependable. They listened to our intended goals and we worked as a team! We were very happy with the results!"

Sian Hutchinson - BS

Promotional video for Tennis Tigers children's tennis coaching club.

Short 'back of the scenes' video for rock band Sweet Jonny.                                                                  

"James Benwell has filmed and directed a number of videos for our band and the finish has always been excellent. Easy to work with and a very professional product. Highly recommended" 

Tom Backshall - Sweet Jonny.   

Music video for Sweet Jonny and their song Humdrum.   

Comedy sketch filmed for Sian Elisa Hutchinson and Barry Glennon.

Concert video for covers band Replay.